Your Basic Booth Package Contains:

  • Blue 8’ back wall drape & 3’ draped side rails (Corner booths may request side drapes at no charge)
  • 11”x17” Booth ID sign with the company name and booth number
  • Move-in/out passes for set up/tear down and stocking merchandise on show mornings
  • Exhibitor Badges

Exhibitor Badges

All exhibitors MUST pick up Show Badges onsite during the move-in days.

Note: Any exhibitor staff/volunteers arriving onsite during show days/hours without a badge and none held at Will Call are required to purchase a badge at the full admission price.  Please ensure your staff receives their Exhibitor Badge prior to the show to avoid any inconveniences. No Exceptions/No Refunds.

Move In/Out, Parking and Parking Passes:

  • Move-in Days:

  • * All vehicles must be moved to parking lots immediately after unloading.  DO NOT PARK ON OUTDOOR BOOTH SPACES.  Move In/Out Passes are NOT parking passes.

  • Move In/Out Passes:  For loading/unloading only.
    Must be picked up at Will Call (along with badges) on Wednesday & Thursday and MUST be placed visibly on vehicle dashboard immediately Parking Passes:  Parking passes are NOT held for pick-up after purchase.
    *Anyone arriving without a pre-purchased parking pass starting Friday morning must pay the facility parking fee of $9.00 per day.  No Exceptions/No Refunds.

  • Show Days: 
    Restocking hours:  Friday 7:00am–9:00am,  Saturday–Sunday 

  • NOTE:  Entrance into the Festival Lot through Campground Gate is not guaranteed for exhibitor parking/loading/unloading and access may be denied if the lot is full during show days/hours per Facility Security’s discretion via parking safety rules/regulations.  Reason to unload items does not guarantee access.

  • Move Out Sunday:  No Early Teardown. You may not dismantle booth before 6:00pm on Sunday.
    NO vehicles allowed on show footprint before 6:30pm and until Security has given clearance and public is safely off the floor.

  • All parking is first come-first served for all exhibitors and attendees. If lots are full, the facility will re-direct traffic as needed.

  • Disability Parking spaces are available in all lots; Must have DP Card displayed in the vehicle.

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