All exhibitors must understand the rules and regulations.  Some of the rules have been implemented by the fire marshal for the safety of all, some by the board that governs the facility and some are widely accepted show rules that make exhibiting as fair as possible for all exhibitors.

AFPE staff will be on site during set up to answer questions and will be roaming the show floor to spot any exhibitor that may be setting up their exhibit booth outside the guidelines and advise on how they might change their set-up to be within compliance.

To download a printable version of this information, click here.

Parking is under the sole control of the OC Fair & Event Center. The facility charges for ALL incoming vehicles starting on Friday morning. Parking fee is cash only. There are no in–and–out parking privileges unless you have purchased a 3-Day Parking Pass. No Exceptions/No Refunds.  During Move-In/Move-Out, Move In Pass must be on car dashboard when unloading on show site.
Exhibit Booth must be occupied by the company on the signed exhibit booth space contract. It may not be sublet to any other person, company or entities.
Hand Carry:  Exhibitors may carry or wheel their products and displays in and out of the facility as well as install their own displays at no labor charge.  However, pallet jacks and forklifts may only be used by the official contractor, GES.  GES labor is available for hire, should it be needed.
Snacks:  Exhibitors are allowed to bring in snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to their booth (for staff use only), during move-in hours and on show days prior to show opening. Coolers must be soft-sided, hard coolers are NOT allowed and items cannot be brought in during show hours
Trash:  Boxes/cartons needing to be removed and discarded after unloading should be flattened and left in the designated areas next to the dumpsters.  All trash must be properly disposed of.
Pet Counter Signs:  Exhibitors with live animals may pick up “Please Ask Before You Pet the Animals” counter displays signs from the Show Office.  Please return display cards by end of show closing on Sunday.
Literature: DO NOT place literature on building walls, cars, trees, posts, picnic tables, etc.  DO NOT hand out literature anywhere other than within your booth space.  Costumed characters must stay within your booth.
Security:  There will be security beginning at move-in and running through move-out.  Although security is provided, we do not guarantee against loss or breakage of any items.  Therefore, use the best judgment if leaving valuables in your exhibit space. You may use covers to protect your products.
Animal Sales:  The sale or negotiation for sale (taking of deposits, raffle, or delivery) of any livestock at AMERICA’S FAMILY PET EXPO is strictly prohibited on the grounds, in the parking lot, or any adjacent areas during the inclusive dates of the show, unless pre-authorized by Show Management.  Exhibitors found violating this rule are subject to removal from the show without refund or credit of monies paid.
Tall Wall:  AFPE has established a “Tall Wall” section for exhibitors whose booth set-up do not conform to the regular booth set up regulations.  If your exhibit will not conform, make sure you notify our office so we may try to place you within the Tall Wall section of the show floor.
Booth:  No element of any exhibit booth, including lighting fixtures, signage, banners, structure, etc. may exceed 8’ in height (Except for Sponsors and Tall Wall exhibitors booths) see diagram provided on booth diagram page.  Exhibits must be arranged as to not obstruct the view of adjoining exhibits and all exposed areas should be finished in a neat and professional manner or draped.  Draping may be rented from the Show Decorator, GES.
Cannabis. The 32nd District Agricultural Association (OC Fair & Event Center) does not book cannabis-related events at the OC Fair & Event Center for several reasons, including without limitation, the City of Costa Mesa’s Marijuana Ordinance and the OC Fair & Event Center’s close proximity to schools, parks, day care centers and other areas where minors gather. This policy also extends to existing events which are prohibited from including cannabis products or activities, cannabis-related products or activities or drug paraphernalia during events held at the OC Fair & Event Center. The OC Fair & Event Center does not permit any sponsor, vendor or exhibitor to include in any marketing, advertising or information for an event held at the OC Fair & Event Center, any promotion, information or advertisement from cannabis dispensaries or third-parties that sell or promote cannabis-related products or drug paraphernalia. Event sponsors, vendors and/or exhibitors may not distribute, sell or promote cannabis products, cannabis-related products or drug paraphernalia during any event at the OC Fair & Event Center. Notwithstanding the foregoing and consistent with California law, the OC Fair & Event Center permits the sale, promotion and display of products containing seeds derived from industrial hemp, industrial hemp seed oil, or hemp seed oil derived from industrial hemp.


Electrical Cords are not permitted to run across any public access way including aisles and roadways. There is to be a clearance of three feet left in front of any electrical panel. No zip cord (household extension cords (2) prong wiring will not be permitted).
Canopies or awnings are not permitted inside the buildings or promenade (breezeway).  Only permitted outdoors.
Balloons/Stickers:  Handing out balloons or stickers is prohibited on the OC Fair & Event Center property.  Any balloons must be tied to the booths and not distributed.
Helium balloons may not be distributed or sold inside or outside the facility. With the prior approval of the OCFEC, helium balloons may be used when they are permanently affixed to a booth display. If helium balloons are released for any reason within the facility, labor, and equipment costs associated with the removal of the balloons from ceilings shall be charged to the Exhibitor at the current fees listed in the OCFEC General Pricing Information booklet. Additionally, helium balloons may not be released into the outside environment from the premises of OCFEC.
All flammable and decorative materials must be flameproofed.
Sound levels of audio systems, microphones, speakers, etc. are to be set so neighboring exhibitors are not disturbed.
Food and Beverage related booths must complete an OCFEC food service request form at least 30 days prior to the event start date and receive written approval from OCFEC.  Food service commissions at the sole discretion of the OCFEC may be required if written approval is granted.  If written approval is granted, it will be the responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain the necessary approvals from the Orange County Health Department Sampling Requirements. Please call the WPA office to be directed to the appropriate contact.
Alcohol brought on the grounds by exhibitors, attendees or show personnel is strictly prohibited.  The OCFEC Food service Provider shall only serve alcoholic beverages on the OCFEC property.  The exception to this policy shall only be valid with written OCFEC approval.
“Games of Chance” or any related activities are prohibited if the activity is played for commercial purposes and for profit. If a “raffle” or “free drawing” is to be utilized during the event by an exhibitor, it must be called an “Opportunity Drawing”.
Smoking, including e-cigarettes/vape, is not permitted on the OC Fair & Event Center property, including in and around the Pacific Amphitheatre (seating, concourse, walkways, etc).   By state law and in the interest of public health, smoking shall not be permitted in or within 20 feet of any State of California building, including the breezeways.
Please see your Exhibit Booth Space Contract Terms and Conditions for additional information.
Please see Booth Set-Up Diagrams for additional instructions.


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