Pet Distributors, Retailers, and Manufacturers – Want to exhibit at America’s Family Pet Expo? 

Please read below contract options and select which contract best fits your organization.

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All dogs and cats as part of your exhibit must be at least 6 months old and up to date on vaccinations.  (Vaccines been given at least 7 days prior to exhibiting and flea and tick treatments given 10 days prior to show).  Must provide proof of vaccinations.

Important UpdateCBD Products policy per OC Fair & Event Center please click here.

Virulent Newcastle information, please click here.

Commercial Exhibitor
Choose this application if you are a manufacturer, distributor, retailer or other commercial entity within the pet industry. America’s Family Pet Expo is an ideal way to build loyalty, obtain valuable market research, maximize market penetration and build brand awareness. Investing in your future starts today! This contract is not for use by Adoption Pavilion participants.  Please click here to submit your contract.

Non-Profit Exhibitor (not to be used for Adoption, Breed or Hobby Groups)
If you are a 501(c)3 please submit a Non-Profit Exhibitor Contract. Proof Required.  Monies exchanging hands exclusively in order to receive merchandise is considered selling.  Organization related items for sale only. Items for sale must have Organization name and/or logo.  If selling Non Organization-Related Merchandise, you do not qualify as Non-Profit.  Please click here to submit your contract.

Adoption Exhibitor
As a not-for-profit pet adoption organization, this is a terrific opportunity for your agency to join in a community-based, professionally produced event providing entertainment and education to everyone involved with pet care. The successful placement of a homeless pet is always rewarding and the exposure your agency realizes from this event is well worth your consideration. This contract is only for use by Adoption Pavilion participants.  Staff exhibit area for the full three days and all show hours and have enough staff to manage the care of your animals before and during the event.  Please click here to submit your contract.

Hobby Exhibitor
Pet Expo offers complimentary booth space to qualified Hobby Clubs as a venue for a nice display of animals and the opportunity to speak to people about the particulars of raising and caring for your animal. In order to fulfill the Pet Expo’s goal of promoting responsible pet care and ownership the Pet Expo aims to include representation from as many companion animal groups as possible. There is no sale of animals at Pet Expo however, animal groups have the opportunity to make valuable contacts. A complimentary booth space is provided to those who do not sell products or services at the booth.  Please click here to submit your contract.

Dog Breed Exhibitor
As an expert in your club’s breed of dog, you will be able to share with the public your knowledge, enthusiasm and love, as well as cautions about your chosen breed. By having your breed in your booth, representing the breed to the public, we are able to extend the offer of a complimentary booth.  The sale or exchange of any animal is prohibited. A complimentary booth space is provided to those who do not sell products or services at the booth.  Please click here to submit your contract.

Reptile Exhibitor
Exhibiting in the Reptile area will allow you to build and strengthen awareness about reptiles as pets and introduce different reptiles to the general public.  Pet Expo offers Reptile Exhibitors the opportunity to sell to tens of thousands of pet lovers and educate consumers about caring for a pet reptile.

Interested in sponsoring America’s Family Pet Expo? Contact us at 800-999-7295 or

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