Welcome to AMERICA’S FAMILY PET EXPO, the world’s largest pet and pet products expo!  AFPE Show Staff are available at the Show Office in The Hanger (Bldg. 18) during all move-in/out days and show hours.

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Expo Hours

  • Friday, April 26  10:00am – 6:00pm

  • Saturday, April 27  10:00am – 7:00pm

  • Sunday, April 28  10:00am – 6:00pm

    (Early Tear Down is NOT Allowed)

Exhibitors may enter show site at 7:00am Friday and Sat. & Sun at 7:30am to restock booth.

Show Office Contact

  • Phone:    (626) 622-4528

  • Location:    The Hangar, Bldg. 18

  • Hours:     8:00am – show close

Booth Set-Up/Move In

  • Wednesday, April 24  12:30pm – 6:00pm

  • Thursday, April 25  8:00am – 8:00pm

Must have booths completely set-up by 8:00pm on Thursday.

Booth Tear Down/Move Out

  • Sunday, April 28*  6:00pm – 9:00pm

  • Monday, April 29  8:00am – Noon

*DO NOT bring vehicles on to show footprint before 6:30 pm Sunday; the Fair Security must give clearance and the public must be off the property.

Move-in Days:  Wednesday 12:30pm-6:00pm & Thursday 8:00am-8:00pm.  Exhibitors may enter via Gate 4 or Gate 8 off Arlington Dr, then into show footprint with caution for unloading (restricted to approx. 25 minutes).  All vehicles must be moved to parking lots immediately after unloading.  DO NOT PARK ON OUTDOOR BOOTH SPACES.  Move In/Out Passes are NOT parking passes.

Move In/Out Passes:  For loading/unloading only.  Must be picked up at Will Call (along with badges) on Wednesday & Thursday and MUST be placed visibly on vehicle dashboard immediately.

Exhibitor Badge:  All exhibitors MUST pick up Show Badges onsite during the move-in days of Wednesday and Thursday at Will Call located in the Hangar Bldg. #18 Show Office.  Additional badges are available for purchase via the “Additional Badge Order Form” listed below or onsite.

Note:  Any exhibitor staff/volunteers arriving onsite during show days/hours without a badge and none held at Will Call are required to purchase a badge at the full admission price of $18.00 to enter.  Please ensure your staff receives their Exhibitor Badge prior to the show to avoid any inconveniences. No Exceptions/No Refunds

Gate Entrances & Parking: All parking is on first-come-first-served basis.  Enter through Gate 3 off Fairview, Gate 4 of Arlington Dr. or Gate 8 off Arlington (for the parking lot by Baja Blues Restaurant).

Note- Facility charges for parking beginning Friday morning – No refunds.

Parking Pass:  Discounted 3-Day Parking Passes available for purchase onsite during move-in days Wednesday & Thursday ONLY at Will Call in the Hangar Bldg. #18.   Cost is $12.00 (a $15.00 savings).  Parking passes are NOT held for pick-up after purchase.

*Anyone arriving without a pre-purchased parking pass starting Friday morning must pay the facility parking fee of $9.00 per day.  No Exceptions/No Refunds.

  • Show Days:  Enter Gate 8 off Arlington Dr. for quickest entry to the closest parking lot and walk to the show floor, or via Gate 4 off Arlington.

  • NOTE:  Entrance into the Festival Lot through Campground Gate is not guaranteed for exhibitor parking/loading/unloading and access may be denied if the lot is full during show days/hours per Facility Security’s discretion via parking safety rules/regulations.  Reason to unload items does not guarantee access.

  • All parking is first come-first served for all exhibitors and attendees. If lots are full, the facility will re-direct traffic as needed.

  • Disability Parking spaces are available in all lots; Must have DP Card displayed in the vehicle.

Will Call:  Exhibitor WILL CALL is located at the Show Office in The Hanger Bldg. 18 during move-in days Wed./Thu. and at Campground Gate/Green Gate during all show days/hours.  Badges may be placed “on hold” for booth staff pick-up at Will Call during show hours or at Show Office in The Hanger Bldg. 18.  Parking Passes are NOT held for pick up.

Loading/Unloading:  You may park as close to where your booth is located, vehicles may not enter Buildings.  Unloading/loading should be restricted to approx. 20 minutes.  DO NOT PARK ON OUTDOOR BOOTH SPACES.   After unloading, all vehicles must clear out off the show floor.  The Move In/Out Pass must be visible on your dashboard with company name and booth number.  MOVE IN/OUT PASSES ARE NOT “PARKING PASSES” FOR THE FAIRGROUNDS.

Restocking hours:  Friday 7:00am–9:00am,  Saturday–Sunday 7:30am–9:00am. Exhibitors are allowed to enter show site to RESTOCK booth spaces starting at 7:30am on Fri., Sat. & Sun. and must be completed by 9:30am.  All vehicles must be cleared off show footprint by 9:30am, No Exceptions.

Early Teardown:  Exhibit booths must be staffed and operating during ALL show days and hours. You may NOT dismantle your booth at any time before the closing of the show at 6:00pm on Sunday. An early breakdown fee of $500 may be imposed (as stated on Pet Expo Booth Contract, Basic Terms and Conditions).  Failure to exhibit all open hours of America’s Family Pet Expo will jeopardize future year’s participation.

Exhibitor Booths:    Exhibits must remain in the confines of each exhibitor’s space.  No displays, tables, chairs, demonstrations, etc. may extend into the aisles or outside confines of exhibitor space.  Any costumed characters must stay within the booth.  Cages, kennels, and pets are NOT permitted to obstruct the aisles and must remain inside the confines of your booth. Exhibitors may not canvas the show floor soliciting business. Exhibits must be arranged as to not obstruct the view of adjoining exhibits and all exposed areas should be finished in a neat and professional manner or draped.  Draping may be rented from the Show Decorator, GES.

Rules Regarding Exhibiting Animals

  1. Animals may only leave their booth when going on a potty break and must be on a leash at all times.

  2. Do not walk around/parade your animal throughout the  PET EXPO.  Animals may not enter a building they are not assigned booth space in.

  3. Animals are to use the designated potty areas only and owners/handlers must clean up after their animals at all times.  See Show Program map for marked areas.* DO NOT let your dogs relieve themselves along any bldg. walls, planters, etc.

  4. Centennial Farm is NOT a part of our EXPO.   You may NOT enter Centennial Farm, Heroes Hall or Baja Blues with your animals.

  5. Promote responsible pet care and pick up after your animals.  Plastic bags available at Show Office and at designated potty areas if needed.

Official Show Decorator:  GES (Global Experience Specialists) is the official show decorator. GES Exhibitor Service Kit contains all other forms that may be needed for ordering booth furnishings, electrical, carpeting, labor, etc. GES Service Desk is available on show site in Costa Mesa Bldg. 10.

WiFi Internet Services: OC Fair & Event Center Public WiFi Network is available in all buildings and may be purchased once onsite by logging into www.ocfair.com/wifi.  Intended for general purposes only and does not support credit card transactions. Instruction sheets are available in Show Office.

RV Camping:  Exhibitors requiring accommodations may camp at the RV Park located in exhibitor parking via Gate 4.  Reservations are required as space is limited; call (714) 708-1590.  The cost is $45.00 per night.  Restrooms and showers are available.

Emergency Services:  EMT’s / First Aid (MSI) is located on Baja Blues Lawn next to DPS office.

Veterinarian Care: Visit the Show Office or website for list and directions of the nearest Vet Clinic and Urgent Care.  Pet First Aid with VCA is located at Bldg 11, booth 1535.

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