Understanding Drayage


One of the most misunderstood aspects of preparing for your move-in at any trade or consumer show is drayage or material handling.

This is the unloading of your exhibit materials, delivery to your booth, handling of empty containers to and from storage and removal of your materials from your booth for reloading onto your outbound carrier.  This should NOT be confused with the cost to transport your exhibit materials to and from the event.

When you send a shipment (exhibit materials or product) to the event facility, your driver is often asked if they would like to have their vehicle unloaded for them.  You and your driver should know that if they say yes, this constitutes ordering labor and the exhibiting company will be billed for this service.

For information on ordering this labor for product that is delivered directly to show site at a discount price, please see the Special Economy Booth Furnishings Package Form in the AFPE portion of the Service Kit.  For all other drayage needs, please consult the GES Exhibitor Service Kit.

You may hand carry or wheel your exhibit materials to and from your booth, but you MAY NOT use a pallet jack or forklift.  All unloading with a forklift or pallet jack must use services provided by GES.

Both the AFPE Show Management Service Kit and the GES Service Kit are available on our website www.PetExpoOC.org under the “Exhibitors & Sponsors” tab.

The GES Service Desk will be located in the Costa Mesa Bldg. (Bldg. 10) on show site.

For more information on drayage or material handling, you may contact the Accounts Manager, Lynette Gallegos at lgallegos@ges.com or 562.356.3700.


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