The 32nd District Agricultural Association (OC Fair & Event Center) does not book cannabis-related events at the OC Fair & Event Center for several reasons, including without limitation, the City of Costa Mesa’s Marijuana Ordinance and the OC Fair & Event Center’s close proximity to schools, parks, day care centers and other areas where minors gather. This policy also extends to existing events which are prohibited from including cannabis products or activities, cannabis related products or activities or drug paraphernalia during events held at the OC Fair & Event Center. The OC Fair & Event Center does not permit any sponsor, vendor or exhibitor to include in any marketing, advertising or information for an event held at the OC Fair & Event Center, any promotion, information or advertisement from cannabis dispensaries or third-parties that sell or promote cannabis-related products or drug paraphernalia.

Event sponsors, vendors and/or exhibitors may not distribute, sell or promote cannabis products, cannabis-related products or drug paraphernalia during any event at the OC Fair & Event Center. Notwithstanding the foregoing and consistent with California law, the OC Fair & Event Center permits the sale, promotion and display of products containing seeds derived from industrial hemp, industrial hemp seed oil, or hemp seed oil derived from industrial hemp.

For questions please email James Keyston at or call 800-999-7295 x107.

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