the World’s First and #1 Stunt Dog Show at America’s Family Pet Expo

Posted On: 04-18-2019

Don’t Miss the World’s First and #1 Stunt Dog Show at America’s Family Pet Expo!

As part of one of the many special events at America’s Family Pet Expo, captivating canines will soar, jump, and spin through the air at the All-Star Stunt Dog Show, the first and number-one-ranking “stunt dog show” in the world. Produced by Stunt Dog Productions, a family-owned business that has been mesmerizing audiences around the world since 1999, this action-packed show will feature dogs that have been rescued from pounds and shelters and have been expertly trained to unleash their astounding athletic abilities.

Stunt Dog Productions is led by husband-and-wife team, Chris and Suhey Perondi. With the help of some of the country’s preeminent dog trainers—and of course, amazing rescue pooches as their stars—Stunt Dog Productions has produced over 8,000 live shows and become one of the largest touring animal acts in the world. Each show is scripted and choreographed to music, as the dogs perform jaw-dropping tricks, gravity-defying stunts, dance routines, comedy antics, and more! Stunt Dog Productions’ shows also invite interactive audience participation, allowing viewers to get an up-close experience with these incredible canines.

Dogs appearing in the All-Star Stunt Dog Show have been trained using positive reinforcement methods, including toy motivation and the use of a clicker. The Perondis and their trainers understand that each dog has unique talents, signature moves and athletic abilities, so they strive to place the dogs in the segments where they will be most likely to excel. Due to their ever-popular performances, these special dogs have been featured on Animal Planet numerous times and have appeared as guests on national talk shows like “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

In addition to dazzling audiences with their dogs’ amazing agility, the mission of Stunt Dog Productions is to promote pet adoption, responsible pet ownership, and the importance of spaying and neutering. During each show, the human performers take time to educate audiences about this important mission. Stunt Dog Productions also supports various rescue organizations across the country.

To learn more about Stunt Dog Productions, visit Get ready to be amazed by the high-flying canines on display at the All-Star Stunt Dog Show at America’s Family Pet Expo!

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