The Mission of America’s Family Pet Expo

Posted On: 04-16-2019

The Mission of America’s Family Pet Expo: Supporting the Pet Industry and Giving Back to the Pet Community

Each year, America’s Family Pet Expo draws tens of thousands of attendees with engaging exhibits, awe-inspiring shows, and fun contests. However, the purpose of the Pet Expo extends far beyond mere entertainment. Produced by the World Pet Association (WPA), America’s Family Pet Expo is a non-profit event with a mission of supporting the pet industry, uniting the pet community, and promoting animal adoptions. In fact, approximately 8,700 pets have found their fur-ever homes as a result of the Expo!

In order to maximize the beneficial impact of this event, WPA donates up to 70 percent of the Pet Expo event space each year. Additionally, WPA reinvests proceeds from the show back into the pet industry through the WPA Good Works program, which was created to help fund organizations that strive for the good of pets and the industry as a whole. Proceeds from the Pet Expo are used to support a variety of organizations, including:

  • The National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA). NAIA is an association of business, recreational, scientific, and agricultural interests dedicated to promoting animal welfare and fortifying the bond between humans and animals. NAIA members include some of the most highly respected animal professionals, advocates, and enthusiasts, as well as numerous pet owners, rescue groups, cat and dog clubs, breeders, trainers, veterinarians, and many other animal lovers.
  • Protect Pet Choice Alliance. This group of pet industry companies and organizations, including WPA, aims to celebrate and promote responsible pet ownership, protect pet owners’ rights, ensure a sustainable supply of pets, enhance the industry’s commitment to breeding and animal care standards, and support meaningful legislative and regulatory initiatives regarding household pets.
  • The Purdue University Voluntary Standards for Breeding Dog Care and Welfare. WPA is a founding sponsor of this initiative, which is designed to promote and continuously improve canine well-being by developing and testing rigorous, voluntary, and science-based standards for the care and welfare of breeding dogs. The program has also created a third-party auditing and certification process for breeders.
  • In an effort to promote responsible bird ownership, WPA supports the Bird Enjoyment and Advantage Coalition (BEAK) and its myBird campaign, which aims to increase awareness of the joys and benefits of having a feathered friend.
  • Pets in the Classroom. Established by the Pet Care Trust, Pets in the Classroom is an educational grant program that provides financial support to teachers for the purchase and care of small animals for the classroom. Since its inception in 2011, the program has awarded approximately 100,000 grants, enabling countless children to experience the educational, social, and developmental benefits of interacting with pets.
  • Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI). Founded in 2010, HABRI is a non-profit research and education organization that gathers, funds, and shares scientific research to demonstrate the positive health effects of companion animals. HABRI has created the world’s largest online library of human-animal interaction science and has funded over $2 million in research projects.

These are just a few examples of the important organizations and initiatives supported by WPA and America’s Family Pet Expo.

By participating in America’s Family Pet Expo, you are not just attending a fun and informative event—you are helping to secure the pet industry’s future and the well-being of the animals it serves! To learn more about the WPA Good Works program, please visit

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