Experience the Joy of Goat Yoga at America’s Family Pet Expo

Posted On: 04-19-2019

Since 2016, the goat yoga trend has been sweeping the nation—and this year, America’s Family Pet Expo attendees will have the chance to learn first-hand about this much-loved activity with an appearance by California Goat Yoga.

Formally known as “caprine vinyasa,” goat yoga involves a standard group yoga class—but as participants practice their asanas, they are accompanied by adorable, playful baby goats who may climb onto the yogis backs and laps in search of affection. Produced by Mullenax Ranch, a small, family-owned and operated ranch in Tehachapi, Calif. that strives to be self-sustaining, California Goat Yoga is a mobile program that offers goat yoga classes and functions throughout the state. Their critter of choice is the Nigerian Dwarf Goat, a miniature breed of dairy goat known for having a gentle and curious disposition.

Alex Mullenax and her husband, the husband-and-wife team behind California Goat Yoga, are passionate about bringing their beloved furry friends to communities in which goat appearances tend to be limited to a county fair or petting zoo, and spreading joy and relaxation through their goats’ calm, quirky personalities. And humans aren’t the only ones who benefit from goat yoga—participating in classes is a great way for the young goats of Mullenax Ranch to practice socialization! All California Goat Yoga activities serve as a fundraiser to help offset the costs of feeding and caring for the ranch’s animals, which also include llamas and horses from the local wild herd.

Don’t miss the chance to laugh and unwind with some adorable new four-legged friends at America’s Family Pet Expo! To learn more about California Goat Yoga, visit https://www.californiagoatyoga.com/.

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