America’s Family Pet Expo Showcases Pikapoo

Posted On: 04-04-2019

America’s Family Pet Expo Showcases Pikapoo—The Solution to Poo-lution!™


Cleaning up pet messes is undeniably one of the least enjoyable aspects of owning a pet—and for eco-conscious pet parents, the problem of picking up is compounded by the fact that the ubiquitous plastic “doggy bags” do not easily break down in the environment. Pikapoo, a revolutionary new type of pooper scooper, alleviates these concerns by offering a compact, easy-to-use, no-touch, and 100 percent biodegradable solution to “poo-lution,” as well as plastic pollution. Pikapoo will be on display at Booth #1049 at America’s Family Pet Expo and will be handing out free samples.


The founder of Pikapoo always enjoyed daily walks with his two kids and four dogs, but understandably, the kids were grossed out by having to pick up after the pups. This aversion—as well as concerns about the harmful effects of plastic in the environment—formed the inspiration for Pikapoo. This innovative, newly launched product consists of a flexible cardboard box and a scooper, which dog parents can deploy in three quick and easy steps: simply detach the scooper and expand the box to its full 6×7-inch size, scoop the poo using the hygienic, no-contact scooper, and push the box down to close it.


In contrast to “biodegradable” plastic doggy bags, the cardboard Pikapoo box and scooper will disappear more quickly in the environment. According to a study by the Plastics Recyclers Association, biodegradable plastic only breaks down in the presence of light and oxygen—both of which are lacking in landfills. If the plastics do decompose in a landfill, they may emit methane, a greenhouse gas that has been linked to a variety of environmental harms. In addition, biodegradable plastics often contain high levels of lead, cobalt, and other elements that can leave behind toxic byproducts. Therefore, by using only 100 percent biodegradable cardboard, Pikapoo avoids these harmful effects on the earth and empowers dog owners to reduce their plastic footprints while caring for their beloved pets.


Each box of 80 Pikapoo comes with a carry bag and clip, which can be attached to any leash and easily carried along on a walk. Pikapoo is the only no-touch pooper scooper compact enough that owners can fit four pieces in a carry bag! To learn more about Pikapoo—The Solution to Poo-lution, visit

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