We at America’s Family Pet Expo love to provide you with pet entertainment as well as great pet products at our annual event in Costa Mesa.  One vendor we would like to highlight is Cats of Thrones.

Cats of Thrones makes the cat of the house the king or queen of your porcelain castle.

cat of thronesHere’s how it works: Cats of Thrones starts off as a litter box that sits on top of your regular toilet. Through a series of stacked, gradually larger trays, your cat will start out doing its duty in the tray on top of the toilet and eventually become accustomed to the larger open bowl. This gradual process enables your cat to feel safe and secure while learning how to go about its business. The end result is a highly-trained pet companion that no longer needs a litter box or the outdoors. And best of all, the Cat of Throne’s toilet seat device trains your cat for life. This will save you money, time, headaches, and the hours of cleaning you had to previously do to keep your home odor-free.

Learn more about our current product offerings and how they work by visiting their website at www.catsofthrones.com or by visiting their booth at America’s Family Pet Expo!