OC Pet Expo Vendor Highlight: Pioneer Pet Products

Posted On: 03-02-2015

As pet owners, we all want what is best for our pets.  We want them to be happy, and we want them to be healthy.  And we at America’s Family Pet Expo are excited to host a company who wants the same thing for your pet:  Pioneer Pet Products.

Pioneer Pet Products started as a small project on Betsy Lipscomb’s farm in Wisconsin.  Betsy, a cat behaviorist, understood that people often surrendered their cats to shelters because they didn’t know how to change unwanted behaviors. So she decided to do something about it.  She gathered wooden fence posts, wrapped them in sisal rope, mounted them on sturdy wood bases, and send them to people who needed help with their pets’ scratching behaviors.  The scratching posts worked, and Betsy decided that she wanted to start a company whose sole mission was to enhance our pets’ quality of life by providing for their behavioral needs.  And from that flagship product (the Ultimate Scratching Post) began a business journey that led to Pioneer Pet Products (to read the full story, visit http://www.pioneerpet.com/about-us/).

Though Pioneer Pet Products is no longer a farmhouse operation, it is still a small family-owned company in Cedarburg, WI, owned and operated by Betsy Lipscomb.  The mission is still the same.  Pioneer Pet Products provides superior products that will improve the quality of life for pets and their owners. Started and run by true animal lovers who take pride in the products they sell, Pioneer Pet Products works hard to always put animals first.  All of their  products are designed by behavior experts, and are widely tested and approved before hitting the market.

Some of their products include:

SmartCat All Natural Litter

Raindrop Drinking Fountain

Tiger Diner

Sticky Paws

 Kitty Garden

Nip Nibbler

Be sure to stop by the Pioneer Pet Products booth at the Expo to learn more about the company and their products.  Spin the prize wheel for a chance to receive some fun items, and check out their special discounts for Expo attendees!

Southern CA Golden Retriever Rescue at OC Pet Expo

Posted On: 02-23-2015

Have you thought about adopting a dog, specifically a Golden Retriever?

First, a few things that our friends at Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue want you to know about Golden Retrievers:

RemmieGoldens have an affectionate, people loving nature.  They are born with a sense of mischief, love the water, and are great ball chasers.  Goldens are sporting dogs and need regular exercise all day.  Goldens have a last name-Retriever, from the Latin meaning of to put EVERYTHING in their mouth and dance around with it!  They are fun, funny and people magnets.  They shed; get into trouble, make you laugh and will welcome your burglar in and probably help carry out the silver!

PE10Goldens should range from 21 includes at the shoulder to around 24 and weigh in anywhere from 50 to 80 lbs.  Obedience classes are always recommended.  They can have several potential health problems.  Chief among these are canine Hip Dysplasia; sub-aortic stenosis, epilepsy or cancer.

They are loyal, loving bonded dogs.  You should also remember that Goldens are big enough – even as puppies-to knock down a small child.  Ultimately, the responsibility for any living, breathing creature most always fall to an adult.

Now that you know about the breed, here is what you should know about the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue.

AttiThe Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue is the third largest Golden Retriever Rescue in the country and second largest in the Western Region.  The Rescue places all dogs in foster homes so that they are never kenneled and have been temperament-tested, socialized, and vetted prior to adoption. Each dog has its own personal representative so that the organization can find the perfect fit for each dog and each owner.

Tosh_pic_2The mission of Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue: to find loving, lifetime homes for all Southern California Golden Retrievers in need, regardless of conditions or circumstances. This means that whether the dog is sick and injured, neglected and abused, or aged and unwanted, the Rescue strives to nurture, heal, and shower it with unconditional love.

Although there will be no dogs up for adoption at the Expo (April 10-12), we encourage you to visit their booth and meet with Goldens who have already been adopted through the Rescue and their owner volunteers who can talk to you about the breed and the adoption process, which involves an online application, an in-home interview, and then being paired with a very special pet fit just for you!


Presidential Pets

Posted On: 02-16-2015

In honor of President’s Day, we’d like to take a look at some of the presidential pets that have been in the White House.  Here are a few fun facts about popular presidential pets:

John F. Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline, received Macaroni the pony from President Lyndon B. Johnson.  The pony often roamed freely on the White House grounds and tourists would spot Caroline and her friends going for rides.  Macaroni was quite the celebrity, receiving thousands of his own  fan letters and appearing on the cover of Life magazine with Caroline.

Woodrow Wilson brought a flock of sheep to the White House during World War I to trim the grounds in order to cut down on grounds keeping costs.  The herd was led by an ornery Shropshire ram named Old Ike, who had a reputation for charging at White House staff and police.

Calamity Jane, the Shetland sheepdog of the Calvin Coolidge family, would routinely get so dirty  that President Coolidge had a dog bathing tub specially built for the White House so she could receive her daily baths.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had a dog Murray the Outlaw of Falahill.  The dog, nicknamed Fala, was so popular that he received thousands of fan letters and even had a secretary appointed to him to answer his mail.

There are so many fun stories and facts about presidential pets!  If you are interested in hearing more stories and seeing pictures , visit presidentialpetmuseum.com, a website dedicated to presidential pets!