The Birdman Free Flight Bird Show at Family Pet Expo

Posted On: 03-31-2015

 The Birdman, otherwise known as Joe Krathwohl, is a bird expert. A San Francisco native and now a Nevada resident, Krathwohl stumbled across his love of birds at the age of ten with his first purchase of a small parrot. From then on, he has devoted his life to training, saving, acquiring, and exploring the skills and behaviors of many different species of birds.

With a rich history in developing free flight bird shows, the Birdman has worked with numerous human and raptor programs including the California Department of Fish and Game, the USFW’s Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, the Grand Canyon’s Condor Program and more.

Raising and training show birds for over 30 years, Krathwohl’s menagerie of birds and animals know how to put on a show. This year at America’s Family Pet Expo, the Birdman’s free flight bird show will awe and delight the crowd. As the largest portable bird show in the world, Krathwohl’s entertaining performance is the only show that features trained condors and a tame cassowary.

With numerous appearances on notable television programs such as Leno, Letterman,  Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and assisting performances for the likes of Siegfried and Roy, David Copperfield, and Criss Angel, the Birdman is no stranger to the business of entertaining.

Stay tuned for additional details on his not-to-be-missed performance!

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Vendor Highlight: Jemma’s Natural Pet Boutique

Posted On: 03-30-2015

RopeBalls-L-PGB-GroupJemma’s Natural Pet Boutique is a green pet company dedicated to eco-friendly pet products designed to promote a healthier planet. With an interest in supporting American businesses and workers, this unique pet boutique’s mission is to carry quality natural and organic products that promote business practices that reduce, reuse, and recycle to create a better environment for both pets and pet parents alike.

20150324_185935Carrying a diverse array of products for feline, canine, and equine needs, Jemma’s Natural Pet Boutique will be showing off their wares this year at American Family Pet Expo as a vendor. Featuring event specials such as doggie bandannas, placemats, blankets, bow ties and kitty toys made from upcycled fabrics, Jemma’s Natural Pet Boutique will be offering additional discounts and savings of up to 75% on several of their most popular items.

Trail Buddy Bowl - Solid PurpleBy taking into account quality, manufacturing processes, and the fairness of working conditions for each and every product they sell, Jemma’s is doing their part to elevate shopping for your pet like shopping for a member of your family.

One example of an eco-conscious product is their popular Beco BecoBowls-fanThings line, specifically Beco Bowls. These pet bowls are made from plant fiber found in bamboo and rice husks, are sustainably produced, and are biodegradable after use. Available in five sizes, Beco Bowls are the perfect vessel to serve up delicious treats to your eco-friendly pet.

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Bichon  Rescue of Orange County at America’s Family Pet Expo

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There are so many wonderful rescues and shelters that are a part of the adoption area at America’s Family Pet Expo!  Today, we want to let you know about one of these wonderful organizations –  the Bichon Rescue of Orange County.

The Bichon Rescue of Orange County is a Seniors for Seniors rescue that rescues and re-homes adult Bichons and other small non-shedding breeds that would be suitable as companions in senior homes. Here is some more information from Bichon Rescue of Orange County:

What are Bichons like?

Bichon Frises and their mixes are small breeds usually 10-20 lbs.  They are known as cheerful, friendly, gentle, playful, and affectionate and do well with other children and pets.  They were bred as companion dogs, are non-allergic, and do not shed. They can live as long as 12-15 years.

Why adopt a senior pet?

Research shows that senior pets are relaxing to hang out with, very comforting, and aren’t full of wild energy to burn.  Many are housebroken and received obedience training and respond to commands.

Why should seniors adopt a pet through Bichon Rescue of Orange County?

Seniors who adopt one of our pups can have not only a companion but improved physical and mental health. Studies show that petting a dog lowers blood pressure and patients who have access to pets recover faster from illness or surgery. It brings them a joy to know that they have a purpose with a new pet. Our adoption process is tailored towards seniors and we provide follow-up care so that the adopter can get the support their need as it may take time for the pup to get accustomed to his new environment and we want to be sure that there is a good match for both involved.

What is the adoption process at the Expo? 

We will have a booth with our available pups for you to see, adopt and cuddle.  Our adoption process is easy. We require an application and a home safety check to make sure your home is safe for a new dog.  We require a fee of $350.  More information [including an online application] can be found on our website:

Why stop by the Bichon Rescue of Orange County booth at the Expo?

We will have several dogs available for you to see that need to be adopted.  We will be giving out handouts about our organization and hope to have a raffle prize too.  We are also looking for volunteers to help with: fostering, administration, photography, pet transport, senior liaisons, and fundraising.  We will have applications available that you can complete.