Show FAQ

Posted On: 01-19-2017

When is America’s Family Pet Expo?

Friday April 28th 10am-6pm, Saturday 29th 10am-7pm, Sunday 30th 10am-6pm, 2017.  At the OC Fair & Event Center, 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

How much are tickets?

Adult: $15, Seniors 60 & over: $13, Children 6-12: $10, Ages 5 and under: Free, Active and retired military members with valid ID: Free

Is there a parking fee?

Parking is $8 per vehicle. Parking can only be purchased once you arrive at the Fair and is cash only. Parking does not include in-and-out privileges.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses and hat for the outdoor locations.

Are there discount hotel rates for attendees?

Yes, please visit the Hotel & Travel section on our website for more details.

Are pets allowed?

No, due to the health and safety concerns for your pet and all the other pets at the expo, pets are not allowed into AFPE, with the exception of guide, signal or service pets, animals are not allowed on the property.  We have an extensive variety of animals on display, adoption, breeds, exhibits, demonstrations and entertainment for you and your family to enjoy.

Can I adopt a pet at the Pet Expo?

Yes, we have designated areas with a variety of adoption groups (refer to Show Program for locations).

Choosing to adopt a pet is an important decision.  Below is some information to help you prepare and understand how the process works.

Please keep in mind that each adoption group must adhere to their own policies and regulations for placing any animals in accordance to State laws. Many can range from a government run agency with few restrictions to private groups with very specific restrictions.  WPA/America’s Family Pet Expo is not responsible for any decisions made between the adoption group and show attendees.

When Thinking About Adoption, Ask Yourself –

  • Do you have the time to take care of a pet? Most pets need some sort of socializing with the owner, exercise and play time, and every pet needs to be feed and cared for.
  • Do you have room in your home for the pet?
  • Are you prepared for years of friendship and the years of care? Dogs and cats can live 15 years or more.
  • There are costs, too. Food, veterinary care and licensing (for animals like dogs and cats) are long-term expenses.
  • Do you have children? Very young children and a new pet may not mix, especially when it comes to cats and dogs.

Adoption Process Basics –

Each agency has its own process for adoption, but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Some adoptions may happen the same day, other times it may take several days or longer. Ask the group how long a typical adoption takes.
  • You’ll be asked to fill out some paper work. The application is geared for determining if you’re a good candidate to adopt a pet and what type of pet might be best for you.
  • Is there’s a fee?  Yes, most adoption groups charge a fee.  Fees vary per group.
  • Some agencies won’t let you take the pet home until they have seen you and your spouse and/or children interact with the pet.

Your Part In The Process –

Your part is more than just filling out paper work and paying a fee, too.  Be prepared to ask questions to make sure you get the pet that’s right for you. For example:

  • How the pet got to the adoption group. Was it a stray, did an owner drop it off or was the animal taken from the home because it was being abused? There may be behavioral or medical problems you’ll want to know about before you adopt.
  • Whether the group offers training classes to help your pet adjust to its new home.
  • Who’s responsible for medical care if your pet becomes ill shortly after leaving the group.
  • What happens if the adoption simply doesn’t “work out.” What if your new pet doesn’t get along with your children or other pets? What happens if you have to move and you can’t take the pet with you? Some groups may let you return the pet within a certain number of days, while others may leave it up to you find the pet a new, good home.
  • If you rent, lease, or are part of a HOA you should be able to show what pets and their size are allowed.

Applications Get Rejected

Sometimes adoption applications are rejected. There are many reasons why. For example, you may not be the only person interested in a pet and someone else may have filed an application first. Or, the group may decide the pet you want isn’t right for you or your family. For example, someone living in an apartment may not be an ideal candidate for a Great Dane.

If adoption was rejected, find out why your application was denied by the group and what recommendations they may have for you to be a pet owner in the near future.

Can I bring snacks and beverages into the show?

You may bring snacks/non-alcoholic beverages into the OC Fairgrounds as long as they are in factory sealed plastic receptacles. Additionally, hard-sided coolers are not permitted, only soft-sided coolers will be allowed. All belongings are subject to inspection before entering.  Food and drinks will also be available for purchase at the event.

Do you rent scooters or wheelchairs?

Rentals are available at the Arena Gate and Green Gate. All rentals must be returned by end of show or subject to late fee.

  • Strollers $10
  • Wagon $15
  • Wheelchair $15
  • Joggers $15
  • Electric Wheelchair / Scooter $50

I lost something at America’s Family Pet Expo, who do I contact?

The Safety & Security Department handles Lost & Found and can be contact at (714) 708-1588. Their offices are located on the east side of The Hangar.  You may also go to the AFPE show office inside of the Hanger Building 18.

What form of payments are accepted?

Cash and all major credit cards are accepted for ticket purchases. Food and product vendors selling their own products determine their own forms of acceptable payment. ATM’s are located throughout the property.

Is smoking allowed?

No the OC Fairgrounds is a smoke and vapor free event place.


Introducing You to the Pet Care Exchange Network

Posted On: 06-25-2016

Lucky PAw Exchange Orange CountySummertime means warm weather, vacations, outside play, and a varied schedule.  With all of the fun may come some changes in how you manage your time and your pet care responsibilities.  That’s why we want to introduce you to Lucky Paw Exchange. Lucky Paw Exchange, an exhibitor at this past year’s Expo, is an online community where members are able to trade all types of pet care responsibilities with other members in the community.  Whether you need help with walking your dog, want to have pet playdates, or need a place for your pet to stay while on vacation, Lucky Paw Exchange allows you access to a community of like-minded fur baby parents who can also enjoy the benefits of pet favor trades.

So how does it work?  Once you become a member of Luck Paw Exchange, you belong to the online community in which you can search for members according to city, state, or zip code.  You can then friend request members in your area and, once they accept your request, you can start a dialog to see if the member is someone who fits your needs.

Lucky Paw Exchange allows you the opportunity to get your pet personal care while eliminating the high cost and guilt associated with boarding.  With pet favor trades that also can include dog walking and playdates, it will also provide your pet with playmates and you with pet loving friends.

A LIFETIME Lucky Paw Exchange membership is just $19.99, but join before July 5th for an introductory price of $9.99!

.Learn more about the online community by visiting

Kid’s Aquarium Contest Winners

Posted On: 05-05-2016

Did you make it over to the Aquatic Experience area at America’s Family Pet Expo to see all of the great aquariums kids designed for the Kid’s Aquarium Contest?  Congratulations to all of the participants for a job well done!

Best in Show:

Kids Aquarium Contest Best in Show 1 Kids Aquarium Contest Best in Show 2 Kids Aquarium Contest Best in Show 3rd

Creative Category, Group 1 (ages 5-8):

Kids Aquarium Contest Creative group 1 1 Kids Aquarium Contest Creative Group 1 2nd Kids Aquarium Contest Creative Group 1 3rd

Creative Category, Group 2 (ages 9-12):

Kids Aquarium Contest Creative group 2 1 Kids Aquarium Contest Creative Group 2 2nd Kids Aquarium Contest Creative Group 2 3rd

Creative Category, Group 3 (ages 13-16):

Kids Aquarium Contest Creative group 3 1st Kids Aquarium Contest Creative Group 3 2 Kids Aquarium Contest Creative group 3 3rd

Natural Category, Group 1 (ages 5-8):

Kids Aquarium Contest Natural Group 1 1st

Natural Category, Group 2 (ages 9-12):

Kids Aquarium Contest Natural Group 2 1 Kids Aquarium Contest Natural Group 2 2 Kids Aquarium Contest Natural group 2 3

Natural Category, Group 3 (ages 13-16):

Kids Aquarium Contest Natural Group 3 1 Kids Aquarium Contest Natural group 3 2 Kids Aquarium Contest Natural group 3 3

Sponsors Sweepstakes (aquariums within the Natural and Creative categories combined):

Kids Aquarium Contest Best in Show 1Pet Expo Kids Aquarium 2nd PlaceKids Aquarium Contest Sponsor 3rd