Pet Adoptions at America’s Family Pet Expo

Posted On: 03-26-2015

Did you know that last year over 700 animals were adopted at America’s Family Pet Expo?  We are so proud to help hundreds of pets find forever homes year after year.  And we hope this year we can help even more animals find their forever homes!

Shelter dog for adoptionAs you prepare for this year’s Expo, considering adding another member to your family while visiting the Adoption Area at the Expo.  There will be numerous rescues and shelters on site to visit with, providing you with a wonderful opportunity to learn about various animal/breed options, find out what kind of pet personality is best for your home environment, and meet and greet with hundreds of pets who are ready for your unconditional love.  Plus, the Expo will have everything you need to help you in adding a new pet to your home!  With many vendors having special show prices on their items and numerous animal experts on hand to answer any questions, America’s Family Pet Expo truly is the one-stop-shop for pet adoption!

Please join us April 10 -12 at the O.C. Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa. There will be plenty of entertainment, education, interaction with animals of all varieties, and thousands of adoptable pets looking for their forever home!

The International Cat Association Presents a Championship Cat Show

Posted On: 03-23-2015

This year at America’s Family Pet Expo, The International Cat Association (TICA), one of the most progressive, flexible, and innovative cat registries in the world is proud to present a champion cat show highlighting both cat education and breed information.

ticaCurrently recognizing over 63 breeds of cats in the largest genetic registry of pedigreed animals, TICA includes breeds stemming from the ancient Abyssinian to the Lykoi, Bengals to household cats. By hosting cat shows around the globe in over 113 countries, TICA is dedicated to promoting the preservation, health, and welfare of all domestic cats through education, responsible cat ownership, and proper care.

With over thirty years of experience, TICA boasts members in all 50 states,  plus additional patronage throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

As a special treat at the Family Pet Expo, TICA will showcase a variety of breeds as well as present a feline agility course that allows cats to negotiate a specially designed course to display speed, coordination, physical condition, intelligence, and training.

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Vendor Highlight: United Pet Care

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Taking care of your furry friends can oftentimes be expensive, especially if something unexpected happens. That’s why United Pet Care offers a comprehensive pet healthcare program that is guaranteed to help you save money each time you make a trip to visit your veterinarian whether expected or not. Better than insurance, United Pet Care features no deductibles, no claim forms, and no exclusions due to pre-existing conditions, age, or hereditary and genetic conditions.

Founded in Arizona in 1996, United Pet Care is proud to boast programs in five states. With a mission dedicated to empowering everyone who wants to be able to take care of their pets to take proper care of their pets, this membership program can help pet-owners navigate the rising costs of veterinary care and the challenges of today’s economic conditions.

From cats to dogs, rabbits to birds, ferrets to reptiles and other pocket pets, United Pet Care can help cover a range of procedures, preventative and sick care, emergency visits, and medications that your pet needs to life a happy and healthy life.

For office visits and exams, vaccines or medications, United Pet Care can help pet-owners save on average between 20-50% on veterinarian care. At this year’s America’s Family Pet Expo, United Pet Care will be running a special promotion for pet-owners that sign up on site including one month free for each pet enrolled in their program. Don’t forget to stop by their booth (number 1093) this year to gather more helpful information about taking care of your pet!

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