Celebrating the 4th of July with Your Pet

Posted On: 07-02-2018

Do you have plans for celebrating the 4th of July with your pet?  While you celebrate our Nation, the freedom it provides, and the people who have provided with friends and family, consider these tips to ensure your pet also has a good, safe holiday: 

Have a private party.  If you want to celebrate with your pet, do an activity you know your pet will enjoy by yourselves or with a select group.  Chances are, your pet won’t enjoy the loud noises and lack of space that will probably come with the regular 4th of July festivities.   Celebrate with your pet, then venture out on your own to the other gatherings and let your pet enjoy the peace and quiet.

Get your own goodies.    Part of the fun of the 4th of July is all the great food!  But be wary of what your pet gets a hold of. There are many foods pets should not partake of.  Instead of turning to table scraps, try getting a special pet-friendly treat so your furry friend doesn’t miss out on the fun.

Block out the noise.  Fireworks may be pretty, but they are also loud and can make animals very skittish.  Put your pets in a safe, comfortable room.  Put on the TV or radio to help drowned out the loud booms and close the blinds to block out the bright lights.

Leave the human stuff for the humans. Sunscreen, insect repellent, citronella, glow sticks, and other Fourth of July staples are meant for humans, not for animals.  Any of these items, if digested, can cause your pet to get sick.  While you may know not to eat them, your pet may not, so keep them out of reach.

We at America’s Family Pet Expo hope you have a safe, fun fourth of July!

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