Pet Travel Tips

Posted On: 06-11-2018

Do you have vacation plans this summer?  Do you plan on taking your pet?  Here are a few tips from America’s Family Expo.

Prepare your pet and get a check up. Traveling with a sick pet isn’t enjoyable for anyone.  A check-up before you leave on vacation may help you avoid sickness.  And while you are at the vet, make sure you are up-to-date on your vaccinations and have your vet issue a health certificate.  Proper paperwork may be required when crossing state lines and country lines.  Plus, having your medical records as well as your vet’s contact information may come in handy if your pet happens to have a medical issue while away.

Properly ID your pet.  Whether or not you micro-chip your pet, make sure you attach a temporary ID tag to your pet’s collar that lists your cell phone number, email address, and any other contact information that might be helpful in contacting you while away from home.  Having a recent picture of your pet with you may also be helpful.  While we hope your pet does not stray away while on vacation, it is best to be prepared!

Make a list of what you need so you don’t forget anything.  Some things to pack along may include: water and water bowls, a leash, toys, grooming supplies, bedding, litter and a litter box, and any necessary medications.  Also, be sure to pack enough pet food and treats, especially if your pet eats a specific brand that may not be available where you are going.

Practice car safety.  You may hate restraining your pet, but it is important both you and your pet’s safety.  Not having your pet restrained many not only cause him or her to get hurt a lot easier, but can also be a distraction to you and lead to an accident.  There are many different options that allow your pet to be restrained comfortably.  Travel crates, vehicle barriers, car seats, and seat belts are some of the options that are available.  But before you hit the road, let your pet get comfortable and familiar with the restraints so that your trip is less stressful for everyone.

Enjoy your vacation!

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