Exhibitor Spotlight: SWFT

Posted On: 04-20-2018

Looking for products with natural ingredients that are safe for the whole family, including your pets?  Check out SWFT!  SWFT is a brand created by East Lion Enterprises, LLC, an exporter and OEM manufacturer that will be launching SWFT to the public at America’s Family Pet Expo!

SWFT will be featuring their natural air deodorizer at their booth (#1047).  Unlike conventional air fresheners that simply mask odors with perfume, SWFT Air Deodorizer absorbs odors and toxic gases. SWFT Air Deodorizer is the strongest non-toxic household deodorizer made in the USA!

As a manufacturer, East Lion Enterprises can bring the best prices directly to the consumer. If you have a heart for being an entrepreneur and want to develop your own line of pet or household products, East Lion Enterprises can serve as your contract developer and manufacturer. Stop by their booth to see their products or to talk shop. You will definitely be greeted with a smile and a solid handshake.

URL: www.swftusa.com

FB/IG/Twitter: @swftusa


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