Exhibitor Spotlight: Suitical International

Posted On: 04-16-2018

Has your pet ever needed the cone of shame because of a skin condition, hot spots, or wounds? If so, you know that wearing one increases your pet’s discomfort and stress level even further by restricting its ability to move, eat or drink normally. Wouldn’t you like a faster and more comfortable recovery for your loyal friend?  One of our exhibitors at America’s Family Pet Expo, Suitical International, has your answer!

Suitical believes it is better to cover the problem area instead of restricting a pet’s head, which is why they created suits and leg sleeves so pet owners do not have to use the e-collars for their dogs and cats. The products act as a second skin, combining a snug fit with an easy to use rear fastening, prevents the pet from wiggling out of the suit or sleeve. Made of breathable fabric, air can circulate around the wound for healing while covering the affected areas to prevent biting and scratching. The products are designed with the utmost quality and comfort for pets, are veterinary developed and tested, and are recommended by veterinarians.

Suitical International also features a DRY cooling vest that allows dogs to stay cooler than the outside temperature up to 59 degrees for up to 3 days!  With the dry cooling vest, the dog does not get wet, the product does not need to be refrigerated or frozen, and there are no gels.  This product works off being filled with a small amount of tap water!

Visit the Suitical International booth (#1164) to learn more about their recovery products and their DRY cooling vest. Plus, join the “Suitical Olympics” for your chance to get some free gifts!

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