Your Pet’s Life Will Be Better With ShadyPAWS!

Posted On: 04-20-2017


ShadyPaws Pet Travel Canopies are the latest innovations for a light weight, flat folding pet shade which can be taken to any outdoor venue or social setting!

The most essential ingredient to keeping your pet(s) from overheating is shade which is why you’ll find most animals under tables or chairs to keep from exposing themselves to the sun.  ShadyPaws Canopies offer a cool piece of mind for all animals with our unique, light canvas canopy offering a cool breezeway when placing them next to you in outdoor restaurants, backyards, trips to the beach or any vacation.

These revolutionary pet canopies designed by Patricia Darquea create a calm feeling under their familiar setting when placing a ShadyPaws Canopy on chairs, recliners or on the ground diminishing their stress & keeping them from getting stepped on.

Just “fold & go” with ShadyPaws Canopies for the perfect hiking, biking or boating trip. Simply adjust your patented swivel canopy shade according to your desired length of shade for small or large pet(s) & they will be comfortably sheltered according to the sun’s rotation.

Every pet recognizes their own scent, so relaxing under ShadyPaws Canopies will definitely offer a sense of security, especially when the animals smell their pet treats, food, water bowls, leashes & doggie bags securely held in the multiple Velcro pockets provided.

Every ShadyPaws Canopy is created with SPU 50++ UV protection & comes in either Jockey Red or Captain Navy signature paw prints. (4) material components can be snapped on/off for gentle hand cleaning with gentle soap & colors can be changed if desired. Every ShadyPaws Pet Travel Canopy Sunshade offers a hardy backpack, furniture belt & sand spikes to compliment their versatility.

“There is nothing more gratifying than keeping your animals comfortable, calm & protected when placing your best friends under ShadyPaws!” Patricia Darquea, Founder & Creator

Visit ShadyPaws at America’s Family Pet Expo April 28-30, 2017!


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