Learn About Mr. Puppy Foundation

Posted On: 04-24-2017

What happens when children, the arts, and a fun brand called Mr. Puppy come together? Great things! Mike Lee, the creator of Mr. Puppy and the popular accessories and entertainment brand, has built a foundation that brings performing arts concerts to schools and children who have little exposure to dance and music. The Mr. Puppy brand is excited to be at America’s Family Pet Expo.

“I’m a dog lover. I’m looking forward to meeting all the great people coming to the pet show and sharing our foundation with them,” says Lee.

The Mr. Puppy Foundation will be at booth #1825 located in the Hanger at the Orange County Fair and Event Center April 28-30, 2017.

With cuts to the art programs across the nation in both public and private schools, Mike saw a need and developed the Foundation so children would have exposure and experiences with music and performing arts.

“The cuts in arts programs arent’ healthy for our society and kids suffer because of it,” says Lee “The arts inspire the imagination and creativity. Kids need exposure to music and drama. Our purpose is to bring live concerts and great performances to schools to inspire them.”

The Mr. Puppy brand features a stylish line of accessories and entertainment productions including a new musical, Mr. Puppy The Musical! Mr. Puppy is a fun, feel good brand and the foundation is an extension of that.

“I want to do something more for kids, give them meaningful experiences and the foundations accomplishes this -with live concerts. It promotes the arts and is a vehicle for inspiration.”

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