Introducing the Shed Defender™at America’s Family Pet Expo

Posted On: 04-21-2017

Pets add love and joy to our lives—but as any pet owner knows, pet hair shedding can be a major nuisance. Come visit Booth #116 at America’s Family Pet Expo to learn about the Shed Defender, a lightweight, comfortable suit worn by dogs to contain their hair.

Tyson Walters, creator of the Shed Defender, designed this innovative product in 2011 as a solution to the excessive hair that his St. Bernard, Harley, left behind everywhere she went. Tyson had looked all over for a solution, but found there was nothing on the market to address the issue. He then took it upon himself to create one. After years of testing different fabrics and designs, Tyson perfected the multipurpose Shed Defender. Composed of cool, four-way stretch breathable fabric, the patent-pending Shed Defender does not prevent dogs from shedding—it simply captures loose hair as they shed, reducing furry messes as well as dander and allergens. It is perfect for the home, car, or the homes of family and friends.

The Shed Defender is washable, easy to take on and off, and even contains a zipper so the pup can go potty while wearing the suit. The suit’s design allows it to be used for other purposes besides containing hair. For example, the Shed Defender:

  • Reduces anxiety due to its snug fit, which applies gentle, calming pressure to the dog. This may alleviate stress and barking in nervous dogs.
  • Replaces the bulky medical cone by covering wounds, hot spots, or surgical sites that dogs are prone to lick and irritate.
  • Serves as a barrier to protect dogs from cold weather and prevent their hair from freezing into ice balls when playing in the snow.
  • Helps to safeguard against insects, ticks (the carriers of Lyme Disease), and painful stickers from plants.
  • Keeps dogs clean and dry against the elements that they encounter outdoors.
  • Ensures that show dogs remain clean before a show.

The team at Shed Defender is thrilled to be showcasing this exciting product at America’s Family Pet Expo. “Stop by Booth #116 to see Harley in her Shed Defender suit!” says Tyson.

As a family business, Shed Defender is committed to supporting animals in need. Their Paw it Forward program donates a portion of sales to animal shelters, rescue centers, and other pet adoption organizations.

Shed Defender is working with Harrison Forbes, Celebrity Pet Expert, and will be on tour with Forbes this summer. For more information, visit

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