Introducing Moon Cat Café: A Mobile Cat Café with a Purpose

Posted On: 04-20-2017

Have you ever experienced a cat café? While this cool concept has existed for decades in Asia, it is just beginning to show up in the U.S. We are proud to introduce Moon Cat Café as the first ever mobile cat café!

Cat cafés offer visitors the unique opportunity to interact with cats in a relaxed setting. Since many apartments and condominiums do not allow pets, cat cafés provide a way for everyone to enjoy the therapeutic effects of spending time with animals. What distinguishes Moon Cat Café from other similar venues is that the cats are brought in from local rescue organizations, which supports the goal of raising adoption awareness while allowing visitors to mingle with kittens and cats in need of homes.

Housed in a renovated, modern step van, this special mobile cat café offers a wonderful way to bring cat interaction and adoption efforts to local events and facilities. Moon Cat Café loves to host events in cities where there are many animal rescue organizations and use the café as a forum for introducing people to adoptable feline friends. In addition to helping cats find families, Moon Cat Café also donates a portion of all proceeds to rescue organizations.

While at the Pet Expo, Moon Cat Café will collect a fee for admittance to interact with the adoptable cats from Zoey’s Place Rescue. Admittance also includes a complimentary cup of gourmet coffee and a pastry. A portion of the fees collected will benefit Zoey’s Place Rescue, a local nonprofit cat rescue.

Moon Cat Café is currently seeking partnerships with rescue organizations in and around the Los Angeles area.

Moon Cat Café will be at America’s Family Pet Expo April 28-30, 2017.  Interested in finding out where else Moon Cat Café will be in the coming months? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook at!

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