Introducing You to the Pet Care Exchange Network

Posted On: 06-25-2016

Lucky PAw Exchange Orange CountySummertime means warm weather, vacations, outside play, and a varied schedule.  With all of the fun may come some changes in how you manage your time and your pet care responsibilities.  That’s why we want to introduce you to Lucky Paw Exchange. Lucky Paw Exchange, an exhibitor at this past year’s Expo, is an online community where members are able to trade all types of pet care responsibilities with other members in the community.  Whether you need help with walking your dog, want to have pet playdates, or need a place for your pet to stay while on vacation, Lucky Paw Exchange allows you access to a community of like-minded fur baby parents who can also enjoy the benefits of pet favor trades.

So how does it work?  Once you become a member of Luck Paw Exchange, you belong to the online community in which you can search for members according to city, state, or zip code.  You can then friend request members in your area and, once they accept your request, you can start a dialog to see if the member is someone who fits your needs.

Lucky Paw Exchange allows you the opportunity to get your pet personal care while eliminating the high cost and guilt associated with boarding.  With pet favor trades that also can include dog walking and playdates, it will also provide your pet with playmates and you with pet loving friends.

A LIFETIME Lucky Paw Exchange membership is just $19.99, but join before July 5th for an introductory price of $9.99!

.Learn more about the online community by visiting