America’s Family Pet Expo – An Event with a Purpose

Posted On: 04-05-2016

The 27th annual America’s Family Pet Expo is right around the corner with all of the pet loving fun and entertainment we provide year after year.  You can count on the same family-friendly, pet-centered shows and demonstrations, the shopping, and the adopting along with new additions to enhance the already fun-filled weekend line-up.  But behind all the fun is a purpose, a purpose we would love to share with you!

Americas family pet expoAmerica’s Family Pet Expo is produced by the World Pet Association, an organization whose mission is to promote responsible pet care worldwide.  Through the Pet Expo, the World Pet Associations brings every aspect of the companion animal world gathers to “Tell their story” to the public. Almost every kind of companion animal is on display and many are featured in educational demonstrations.  Exhibitors include manufacturers, retailers, groomers, veterinarians, hobbyist groups, humane rescue organizations, humane societies, breeders, etc.  All of these aspects combine to create a fun, educational event that will enhance one’s knowledge of pet care and expound on the joys of pet-parenthood.

Each year, America’s Family Pet Expo donates space to dog breed clubs and has facilitated the adoptions of hundreds of homeless animals.  At last year’s America’s Family Pet Expo, there were more than 600 animal adoptions including dogs, cats – and even a few guinea pigs!

In addition to the pet adoptions, donated space and educational opportunities, the World Pet Association uses the proceeds from the Expo to better the pet industry through various charitable causes each year, including: the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, Coral Restoration, Habri, and the Pets in the Classroom grant program.

So please join us at the 27th annual America’s Family Pet Expo, not only for the fun, but for the purpose of promoting responsible pet care worldwide!