Community Event at Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove

Posted On: 03-31-2016

A roomful of elementary students from the after school program at Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove experienced an afternoon filled with canine fun and excitement. OC Animal Care, one of America’s Family Pet Expo’s community animal shelter organizations paid a special visit to the kids. OC Animal Care volunteers Debbie Barba and Ace Mask played a matching game with the kids on the fundamentals of ownership and read “Katy to the Rescue,” a children’s book about adopting and caring for a dog who was adopted at OC Animal Care. Ace brought Kane, a therapy Collie, who entertained the kids with his obedience training, fun tricks and good looks. Each child then received a coloring book and their own copy of “Katy Cares.” The community event marks the upcoming America’s Family Pet Expo, April 22-24 at the OC Fair & Event Center.

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