Small Animal Fun Facts

Posted On: 03-07-2014

Small Animal Fun Facts

Bichon maltais blanc assis & coquin sur fond blanc

Small animals like guinea pigs, hamster, rabbits, chinchillas, etc. can make great pets.  And they are so interesting too!  Here are a few fun facts about various small animal mammals:


  • Baby guinea pigs are called pups.  The females are called sows and the males are called boars.
  • Guinea pigs can make 13 different sounds, which is how they communicate with one another.
  • A group of gerbils is called a business, a male is a hob, and a female is a jill.
  • Chinchillas have fur that is approximately thirty times softer than human hair – the softest fur in the world.
  • When scared, chinchillas can release a piece of their fur in an effort to mislead predators.  No worries, the fur will grow back!
  • If you observe gerbils together, you may see what looks like them rubbing noses when they first meet.  They are actually licking one another’s mouths because the taste of their siliva is how they recognize each other!
  • Hamsters are very active and may run up to a mile a day.
  • Mice are known for being fast, but did you know they are good jumpers too?  A mouse can jump up to 18 inches.
  • One human year is equivalent to 25 hamster years.  This means a hamster ages a year every 15 days!
  • You know how dogs will nudge at you if it wants to play?  Rabbits do the same thing!  If it wants you to chase it playfully, it may nudge your ankles or shake its head.
  • Mice may sleep for more than 12 hours a day.  Wow, talk about a good nap!
  • Rats can swim and many seem to have fun doing it.
  • Adult rats can squeeze into holes the size of a quarters.

Be sure to visit America’s Family Pet Expo to see all kinds of small animals!


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