Did you know that geckos lick their eyeballs because they not have eyelids and this keeps their eyes from drying out?  Or that a chameleon’s tongue is actually longer than its entire body? There are so many fun facts about reptiles and amphibians!

Reptiles and amphibians are truly  amazing creatures and we at America’s Family Pet Expo are excited to once again provide you with the opportunity to learn about and interact with them by partnering with Repticon at the 25th annual America’s Family Pet Expo!  The Repticon section will showcase  reptiles, amphibians, exotic pets, pet products, educational seminars, door prizes, and much more.  And for our reptile and amphibian pet owners, this is a great place to get quality advice directly from reptile breeders and experts!  To learn more about Repticon at America’s Family Pet Expo, visit