Share Valentine’s Day with your Pet

Posted On: 02-10-2014


Orange County petsLet’s face it.  Our pets are our family.  We adore them.  We love them.  And we love to adore them.  So with Valentine’s Day coming up, a holiday set aside to celebrate love and adoration, why not celebrate the day with your pet?

  • If you like to bake, there are some great recipes for homemade dog and cat treats.  Make sure the recipes are from a reliable source and have ingredients that are safe for your pet’s consumption.
  • Have a favorite dog park or hiking trail?  Take your dog out for some exercise!  Not only will your dog enjoy it, but it will get some exercise too!
  • This year, Valentine’s Day lands on the Friday of a three -day weekend Take your pet along with you on a little get-away! Find a pet-friendly hotel and enjoy a little adventure together.
  • Spread the love beyond your pet!  Donate to a local pet shelter in your pet’s name.
  • A new toy or treat from your favorite pet store is an easy way to show a little extra love.
  • And most importantly, take a little extra time to play, cuddle, and communicate with your pet! There is no better gift than your attention!

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