Responsible Pet Care Tips

Posted On: 02-03-2014

responsible pet careFebruary is Responsible Pet Care Month.  While we take this month to reflect on responsible pet care, we must remember that being a responsible pet owner is a full-time commitment.  And while America’s Family Pet Expo is committed to promoting responsible pet care at our Expo April 25-27 as well as year-round through our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages, we thought we would highlight some things to keep in mind as we celebrate this month.

Owning a pet is a commitment.  Before becoming a pet owner, you must be ready to commit time and money to this animal life.  You must carefully weigh pet options and see what works best for your lifestyle, living situation, and finances.  A pet is a living being and must be exercised, fed, socialized, trained, and loved.  It’s not a decision to be lightly.  But it definitely has its rewards!

Once you decide and get a pet, remember the following:

  • Pets need exercise.  Whether it be going for walks or hikes, playing fetch, or simply getting some toys that provide them with physical activity, a pet needs to be active in order to stay healthy.
  •  Preventative health care and annual check-ups with a vet will help your pet to stay on top of possible illnesses and diseases that may appear.
  • Proper dental care is also important to keeping your pet healthy.
  • Being a responsible pet owner also means being a responsible citizen.  Be sure to clean up after your pet when away from home and obey your local laws and ordinances.
  •  Make sure your pet has the proper identification tags in case it ever strays from home.

What other components do you find important to being a responsible pet owner?  Please share with us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page!


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