Oral care is important to us, so why not for our four-legged friends? America’s Family Pet Expo is pleased to have Pet Pure USA oral care products exhibiting.  Pet Pure is a FDA registered manufacturer and designer of oral care products in Irvine, CA.

pet dental careThe Pet Pure USA oral care product helps aid or prevents Perio, Gum Disease, Oral Plaque, and Bacteria in dogs and cats. It comes in a gel form enriched with vitamins that is applied to the gums and teeth of your furry friend.  This product is like no other and will be featured on HSN in June.  The gel comes individually for dogs and cats.

Why is home oral hygiene so important for pets? Aside from regular veterinary visits the most important care for your pet is his/her oral hygiene routine.  Negligence to proper pet oral care can lead to gum disease which can cause serious health problems.

So, why Pet Pure?

pet dental care

Stop by their booth to learn more at America’s Family Pet Expo!