Aquatic Experience – Chicago

Posted On: 11-11-2013

Aquatic Experience ChicagoThis coming weekend, the World Pet Association, presenter of America’s Family Pet Expo, will be host a new type of pet-centered event in the Chicago area.  The Aquatic Experience  will be the first show in pet industry history to combine everything aquatic under one roof! 

Highlights include:

  • 48,000 Sq Ft of Exhibit Space and Displays
  • Family Fun with Live Shark Encounter and Kid’s Aquarium Contest
    Learn Fish Keeping From the Experts
  • Aquatic Ecologist Zeb Hogan, Host of National Geographic’s hit show Monster Fish
  • Dry Goods Raffle
  • Seminar speakers:  Jake Adams – Heiko Bleher – Eric Bodrock – Charles Delbeek – Laif DeMason – Patrick Donston – Bob Fenner – Sanjay Joshi – Oliver Knott – Rene Kruter – Oliver Lucanus – Joel Olenik – Richard Ross – Julian Sprung – Rusty Wessel

If know of someone in the Chicago area, please let them know.  And if you are an aquatic enthusiast, feel free to follow the progress of the show on the Aquatic Experience Facebook page!

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