America’s Family Pet Expo Celebrates Assistance Dogs!

Posted On: 08-07-2013

It’s International Assistance Dog Week this week, and we at America’s Family Pet Expo want to take a moment to celebrate the amazing job that these K9’s do! Whether a guide dog, hearing dog, or service dog, these animals work hard to keep their owners safe and well cared for.

While we encourage you to learn more about the jobs that assistance dogs do, we want to remind you that there is a certain etiquette to follow when interacting with assistance dogs:

  • Do not distract the dog from its work.
  • Do not talk to the dog, but speak only to the handler/owner.
  • Ask for permission if you want to pet the dog and do not be insulted if the handler/owner says no.  Petting the dog may distract it from its work, which may cause harm or injury to its handler/owner.

Do you have an assistance dog?  Please share your story and a picture with us!  Please post in on Facebook, Google +, or Twitter page!

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