PrintAs we near the return of the school year (yes, we are less than a month away from that!), we at America’s Family Pet Expo would like to recognize one of the great organizations we support…the Pet Care Trust and their Pets in the Classroom program.  Pets in the Classroom is a grant program that provides funding to pre-K through 8th grade teachers to purchase and maintain classroom pets.  Like the World Pet Association, the Pet Care Trust sees the value and benefits that pets bring into the lives of people and the importance of educating people on responsible pet care.  The Pets in the Classroom grant program allows teachers (who usually have to spend their own money on classroom pets) to expose their students to the benefits of pets and to teach their students about responsibility.


America's Family Pet Expo storeAt the OC Pet Expo this past year, you may have visited their booth,  purchased some items from their store (all proceeds went directly toward teacher grants), or participated in the Aquatic Experience raffle (again, all proceeds went directly toward teacher grants).  But if you didn’t take the time to learn about the program, we suggest you do now by visiting their website,  If you are a teacher, you can learn more about classroom pets and how to apply.  And if you’re not a teacher, please visit  anyways to learn how you can help by spreading the word or sponsoring the grant program.