Preparing for Earthquakes with Your Pets

Posted On: 06-25-2013

It’s National Pet Preparedness Month, and since earthquakes are one of the top natural disasters that we could face here in Southern California, America’s Family Pet Expo wants to give you a few tips on how to be prepared if one should occur.

  • Make sure your pet is properly identified and have an up-to-date picture of your pet.  Pets tend to run off when scared and frightened and this will aid you in quickly finding them.
  • Animals instinctively protect themselves.  During an earthquake, refrain from trying to hold your pet as it could lash out at you.
  • You and your pet may both be frightened, but talking in a comforting tone and caressing your pet will help both you and your pet calm down.
  •  Have a emergency kit put together for your pet to keep in your house and car, including:
    • Up to a week’s supply of food (and don’t forget a can opener if it’s needed!)
    • Bottled water and water bowl
    • First aid kit including a first aid handbook
    • Pet medication
    • Medical history
    • Leash
    • Toys
    • Plastic bags or litter box
    • Grooming supplies
    • Blanket
    • Remember, there may be aftershocks.  Be ready to calm your pet again.
    • An earthquake may cause damage to be wary of including contaminate water, spilled anti-freeze, frayed wires, and other debris.

Our pets are family members, and we hope these tips will help you be prepared  and keep your pet safe if and when an earthquake does occur.


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