The cuteness factor of one puppy is multiplied by two if you bring home two puppies right? Oftentimes, the fun and joy of one puppy is thought to increase with the companionship of a littermate, especially after witnessing them playing, cuddling and sleeping together. However, adopting littermates is never recommended. In fact, professionals who have made it their life’s work to create behaviorally sound dogs agree, bringing two puppies home from the same litter is a bad idea. Here’s why…

The Pack Mentality

When two puppies come home together, they bond. When they want to play, they play with each other. When they want attention, they seek out attention from each other. When they snuggle, again, they snuggle with each other. If they get everything they need from their littermate, what do they need from you? Nothing. As their new guardian, it’s incredible difficult to create a bond with your new companions because, they don’t look to you for anything.

Another reason besides having two dogs that are indifferent to your existence, is that when two littermates become adults, they often develop serious aggression towards each other. This is due to the fact that because they are equals, there is no established pack order to their relationship, which can end badly in fighting.

Still Sold on Two

If you are interested in owning more than one dog, it is recommended to bring one puppy home at a time. Bond with it and train it well to walk on a leash and socialize with other dogs, then after it looks to you as its pack leader, after around 6-8 months, feel free to bring another puppy from a different litter into your home. This new puppy can look to the older one for training cues and will fall into the pack mentality looking to you as the leader for a happy home full of well-trained pups!