Things to Consider Before Bringing Home a Pet

Posted On: 04-15-2013

Are you thinking of getting a new pet?  We at America’s Family Pet Expo love being able to help provide new homes to hundreds of pets at each Expo, but also want to ensure that each pet joins the right responsible pet owner’s home. Here are a few things to keep in mind while deciding if you’re ready for another animal companion.

  • A new pet should be a family decision.  Talk to your family members and discuss everyone’s likes and dislikes.  Are there major concerns being voiced that should dissuade you from a certain type of pet?  Are there health issues or space restraints that could hinder the lifestyle of either a family member or the pet? Discuss together what type and breed of pet everyone wants before making a final decision.
  • Be realistic. Pets can be a lot of work.  Other family members may have good-intentions in helping with its care, but understand that a large majority of the work may fall back on you.  And as much as kids volunteer their help before getting a pet, once the newness wears off, so may their eagerness.
  • There will be changes. A pet provides companionship and entertainment, but also requires attention and regular care.  A new pet is another living-being to care for on a regular basis, which may hinder your ability to go anywhere and do anything any time you please.  Be sure you are ready for both the time and financial commitment!
  • Different pets have different personalities and needs. Do some research ahead of time on what kind of pet is best suited for your household and lifestyle.  Size, diet, exercise requirements, temperament, and energy level all vary by type of pet.  Find the companion that is right for you.

Adding a pet to your family can be a wonderful experience that will provide you with joy and friendship for years to come.  We hope this information helps you as you consider what’s best for your household.  And if you have questions on various pets and breeds, America’s Family Pet Expo is a great place to talk to experts and interact with different animals to find the right match for you!

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