The more one learns about dogs, the more one will be astounded by their talents.  Yes, dogs are wonderful pets that provide companionship and friendship, but dogs also have so many amazing skills and abilities that when used properly, can be incredibly useful.

Police and Search DogsDid you know that a dog has the ability to find mold and terminates, uncover leaks in pipe lines, detect cancer cells in human urine, and locate missing pets?  Its sense of smell, which is somewhere between 1000 and 10,000 times better than a human’s, provides the animal with a great tool that can aid humans in so many ways.  One of the more common ways a dog’s sense of smell is utilized is by working with Police and Search teams.

A dog’s sense of smell is not just stronger, but is also much more precise.  A dog can discern a specific smell even when there are other smells around it.  While working with the Police Department, their noses track down criminals, sniff out drugs, weapons, bombs and other illegal materials, and do other jobs human police officers don’t have the ability to do as well as a dog can. This sense of smell, coupled with its ultra-sensitive hearing and night vision, is also used to locate missing people.  Its abilities have led to reduced search times, resulting in increased chances of finding missing people alive.  Some experts have even estimated that one team of search dogs can be as effective as 20-30 trained human searchers. Amazing!

In addition to its senses, police dogs are well-trained, intelligent animals whose aggression and speed can not only intimidate many criminals into surrender, but also can catch a fleeing one and subdue him or her until human officers arrive.

The skills of a police dog are in-depth and incredible, as is the training that teaches them to do what they do.  Come see these abilities put into action and learn more about their training and work at America’s Family Pet Expo’s Police K9 Demonstrations (April 19-21 at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa)!