Kid’s Aquarium Contest

Posted On: 04-11-2013

Pet_Expo_Kid's_Aquarium_ContestTurn off the TV and the Video Games and trade them in for imagination, creativity and self expression.  What have you got?  The Kid’s Aquarium Contest!  Each participant receives a 10 gallon aquarium, heater, filter and water and the kids add their own fish and unique decorations.  If you have questions ask the Aquarium Experts on hand to help.  The aquariums will be on display throughout America’s Family Pet Expo, and are judged according to age group and three categories Natural, Creative and Themed. Every participant is ultimately a winner because after the Expo, each child may take the entire setup home. Bring your kids over to sign up for participation in next year’s Kid’s Aquarium Contest.  School age kids, 5 to 16 years old are encouraged to participate.

The Kid’s Aquarium Contest will take place during the 24th Annual America’s Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, California April 19-21. For more information on the Kid’s Aquarium Contest, visit

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