A part of being a pet parent is being immersed into the pet community.  Whether it’s connecting with the local shelter from which you adopted your pet, gleaning information from your favorite pet store, voicing your health concerns at the local vet, or finding new friends over a conversation about your animal friend, having a pet opens up a whole new community of people to you.  And at America’s Family Pet Expo, we hope to help you expand and grow with this community, and enrich the lives of you and your pets at the same time.

In addition to the entertaining pet shows and demonstrations, America’s Family Pet Expo will host all types of vendors, exhibitors, and animal experts as part of our two-day event.  These people will be there for you to learn from, connect with, and spoil your pet with!  We hope you take advantage of the opportunities that are available!

Remember, the Southern California pet community is a great one, and your support for the local pet shops and services helps keep this community strong.  You can show your appreciation by visiting with our vendors and sponsors and by investing back into the people that are there for you and your pet by being a patron of their shops and services.

America’s Family Pet Expo strives to help grow your pet community and your pet knowledge through our enjoyable, entertaining two-day Costa Mesa event. Please join us in the fun April 19-21 at the OC Fair & Event Center!