Celebrity Pets at America’s Family Pet Expo!

Posted On: 03-25-2013


America’s Family Pet Expo is happy to welcome some celebrity pets to our Orange County event again this year!  Take a look at some of the four-legged friends you can meet April 19-21!

Mick who plays “Stan” on Dog With A Blog:

Stan at America's Family Pet Expo













Beatrice who plays “Stella” on Modern Family:

Pet Celebrity Stella













Lambchop who plays “Yakult” on Suburgatory:

Yakult on Suburgatory













Milo who plays “Baby” on How to Live with Your Parents:

Baby Pet Celebrity













Frosty who plays “Larry” on Modern Family:

Larry from Modern Family










Also, all weekend long, you can visit the Disney booth and meet the adorable four-legged super hero, Captain Megasis, one of the stars of the upcoming film, “Super Buddies.”

Disney's Super Buddies

Super Buddies Photo Courtesy Walt Disney Studios

















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