Summer time usually means lots of time at the beach or by the pool. America’s Family Pet Expo has a few friendly tips to keep your pets healthy during the summer fun.

water safety for petsSince cats usually avoid getting wet, you probably don’t have to worry about your cat running into the ocean or jumping in the pool.  But if you have a dog and plan spending a lot of time around the pool, you may want to teach your dog to “stay” and to “wait” at the edge before jumping in.  Many dogs get overly excited around water and splashing, and teaching it these commands is a simple way to prevent unwanted occurrences.  Also, show your dog where the steps are or how to get out of the pool so that if it does jump in without supervision, it is able to get out as well.

Not all dogs are naturally built for swimming.  If your dog is not built for swimming, is overweight, or is older, you may want to invest in a lifejacket, especially if you plan to take it in the water.

Whether in the pool or in the ocean, don’t allow your pet to drink the water.  Both chlorinated water and salt water can make your pet sick, so keep plenty of clean water with you and keep your pet hydrated.  Your pup probably doesn’t know the difference between healthy and unhealthy water, so it may be best to offer it fresh water periodically to keep it from drinking whatever is closest when it does get thirsty.

Summer swimming is so much fun and with a few easy tips, it can be a fun time for your pet too!  Happy swimming!