Adoption Dog Makeover Area at America’s Family Pet Expo

Posted On: 05-08-2012

Did you stop by the Adoption Dog Makeover area at America’s Family Pet Expo? Dozens of rescued pups got pampered and primed by groomers in an effort to help these pups find forever homes!

The Adoption Dog Makeover team was made up of professional groomers that volunteered their time to groom dogs that were up for adoption at America’s Family Pet Expo. These volunteers included award-winning groomers, and some of the groomers even closed down their own businesses to help out!  Thank you to all our groomers who volunteered their time!

The doggy-makeovers were fun, but also served a purpose.  Many of the pups were in desperate need of a cut, nail trim, and brushing after spending time on the street or wherever they were rescued from.  And through the doggy makeovers, numerous pups were adopted during America’s Family Pet Expo!


Americas Family Pet Expo Grooming

dog Groomer

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