The countdown is on and the fun of America’s Family Pet Expo will be here before you know it! The entertainment, the shows and demonstrations, the shopping, the adorable pets…we can’t wait!  But we also want you to know that there is so much more to America’s Family Pet Expo!

At America’s Family Pet Expo, every aspect of the companion animal world gathers to “Tell their story” to the public. Almost every kind of companion animal is on display and many are featured in educational demonstrations.  Exhibitors include manufacturers, retailers, groomers, veterinarians, hobbyist groups, humane rescue organizations, humane societies, breeders, etc.  All of these aspects combine to create a fun, educational event that will enhance one’s knowledge of pet care and the joys of pet-parenthood.

The educational aspect of America’s Family Pet Expo relates directly to the mission of the producer of the Expo, the World Pet Association. It’s mission: to promote responsible pet care worldwide.  In addition to promotion of pet education through the shows, demonstrations, vendors, and seminars, America’s Family Pet Expo has donated $1.5 million in booth space to dog breed clubs and has facilitated the adoptions of thousands of homeless animals.

On top of the donated space and educational opportunities, the World Pet Association uses the proceeds from the Expo to better the pet industry through various charitable causes. Each year, the World Pet Association contributes more than $150,000 to the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council to monitor legislative issues nationwide that may impact the industry. More than $50,000 annually is provided to The Pet Care Trust, which is used for educational purposes in the school setting.

If you love pets and want to learn more about responsible pet care, please purchase your tickets for America’s Family Pet Expo.  You’ll learn, you’ll have fun, and you’ll better the lives of pets and people too!