Have you thought about enrolling your kids in America’s Family Pet Expo’s Kids Aquarium Contest?   If you haven’t, you should! The Kid’s Aquarium Contest is a great way for your kids to use their creativity to learn about the aquatic environment as well as the responsibilities and rewards of pet care.

The Contest, open to children from ages 5 to 16, asks each participant to create an underwater world that reflects his or her favorite hobby or personality.  The registrant will provide the decorations and fish for the tank, and America’s Family Pet Expo will provide:

▪ A ten (10) gallon aquarium with light and full hood

▪ 50 watt heater

▪ Ten gallon size power filter

▪ Thermometer

▪ Chemicals to condition water

▪ Fish food

▪ Net for fish

Registrants will conceptualize their aquariums before the Expo.  With the help of America’s Family Pet Expo pet experts, each registrant will learn how to prepare their personalize habitat for their fish and how to care for the fish once they arrive at the Expo at OC Fair & Events Center.

The Kid’s Aquarium Contest was specifically designed to be a fun, creative experience for kinds in which they can learn about the aquatic environment, stimulate their minds, and warms their hearts to the rewards of pet care.  For learn more about the contest, visit www.PetExpoOC.org and click on the Kid’s Aquarium Contest.