It’s the end of October which means the Halloween fun is quickly approaching.  Do you have your Halloween decorations out and your costumes ready? America’s Family Pet Expo wants to offer you a few friendly reminders as you start your celebrations.

When decorating for Halloween, pumpkins are of course very popular.  While pumpkins (as well as decorative corn, gourds, and other fall vegetables) are considered to be nontoxic, they can cause upset stomachs if your pets eat them.  Also, Jack-O-Lanterns or any other décor with candles should not be places where pets can reach them.  A pet can easily knock them over and start a fire or even burn itself.

We all know that chocolate is bad for pets, but you should also  keep your pet away from candies and baked goods containing the sugar free sweetener called xylitol as it has been known to cause liver failure and low blood pressure.  Candy wrappers can also cause problems as they can get stuck in your pet’s digestive track and make it sick.  By keeping the candy out of reach of your pet, you can avoid any complications that could arise if your pet decided to help itself to a little snack.

Trick-or-treaters can be stressful for some pets.  If your animal scares easily by loud noises and groups of people, it may be wise to find a place in your home to keeps your pet while you give out candy to trick-or-treaters. Also, be sure that your pet has identification (collar and tags or a microchip) in case it escapes outside when the door gets opened for the trick-or-treaters.

We at America’s Family Pet Expo wish you and your pet a Happy Halloween!  Be sure to visit the America’s Family Pet Expo Facebook page and post pictures of you and your animal family member enjoying the fun festivities!