Friday, April 15th to Sunday, April 17th, the 22nd Annual America’s Family Pet Expo will be bringing some of the best pet shopping and pet entertainment to Orange County, California.   While a lot of the fun entertainment has been highlighted in past blog entries, we want to let you know about another important part of the Pet Expo…the education!

Every year, America’s Family Pet Expo, brought to you by the World Pet Association, finds ways to infuse education into the fun of the festivities.  The various shows and demonstrations not only provide entertainment, but also display some of the fun facts of the animal kingdom.  Children and adults alike will have the chance to see and learn about various animals, their habitats, and their needs.  But in addition to what you can learn through the demonstrations and shows, America’s Family Pet Expo is also providing some great seminars and sessions that will provide valuable information on your pet.

For the dog-lover, is sponsoring some interesting seminars that will cover topics from canine communication to dog training.  Bunny Bunch is providing seminars on bunny and guinea pig basics.  Cat Fanciers’ Association is presenting sessions  on the origins and history of cat breeds, grooming, and choosing the right cat, to name a few.  And for the horse-lovers, there will be sessions for you too!   From dental care to riding tips, you’ll be sure to find a session that you will enjoy.

The 22nd Annual America’s Family Pet Expo is providing you with so many educational experts and events so don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about your pet!  For a full schedule of events, visit!