The adventure and excitement of mushing have dog lovers and enthusiasts packing up their harnesses and hitting….the snowy tundra of Orange County, California?  Ok, no snow means no sled, but that doesn’t mean that you and your dog can’t join in the fun of mushing, urban mushing that is!

Come to the 22nd Annual America’s Family Pet Expo for the special presentation “Does Your Dog Need a Job?” presented by SoCal Working Snow Dogs. This group will show you how to increase your dog’s enthusiasm and exercise through the activity of urban mushing. Don’t have a Siberian Husky?  It doesn’t matter!  If your dog has a lot of energy to burn and loves to run and pull, this activity is a must!

So what exactly is urban mushing? Like regular mushing where a dog pulls a rider on a sled over snow, urban mushing has a harnessed dog (or dogs) pulling a rider, only instead of a sled the rider is on a bike or scooter. It’s a great activity that not only provides dogs with physical exercise, but also gives them mental stimulation. It also gives you the opportunity to be outside in the gorgeous California weather!

To learn more about the activity of urban mushing and the sense of fulfillment it can create for your dog, join SoCal Working Snow Dogs for their presentation “Does Your Dog Need a Job.”  Visit and click on the “Entertainment & Attractions” tab to see the full schedule of events as well as times and locations of the presentations.