Neon green, bright yellow, electric blue.  These are just a few of the fun colors you will see on some of the beautiful fish that glide through the warm waters in the tropics.  But you don’t have to go scuba diving off the shores of an island paradise to gaze at the beauty of these impressive works of art.  You can view them every day from your own home!

The thought of starting your own underwater world may be a little overwhelming.  What kind of fish should I buy?  What kind of habitat do I need to create?  How big of aquarium do I need? Where do I get the proper equipment?  How do I keep the fish happy and healthy?  These are but a few of the questions that you can get answered when you visit the Aquatic Experience at the 22nd Annual America’s Family Pet Expo in Orange County, California.  This new feature to the Pet Expo will open your eyes to the variety of saltwater and freshwater fish and plants that you can bring to your own home from around the world.

The new Aquatic Experience, sponsored by Central Aquatics, Hikari Sales USA and United Pet Group, is the ideal place to capture ideas and let your imagination run wild with how you can incorporate the marine habitat into your personal habitat.  Filled with a variety of the industry’s best, brightest, and most exotic saltwater and freshwater fish, the large tanks of the Aquatic Experience will showcase the numerous options that are available for anyone to become an aquatic enthusiast from a simple starter kit or to expand his or her current underwater environment.

Even if you’re not quite ready to bring the fish habitat into your home, stop by the Aquatic Experience to enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful species.  Step into a view of the tropical waters that will transport you into an underwater island oasis (minus the plane ticket and scuba gear)!