Dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, rabbits, horses, birds.  These are some of the animals you will see as pets in the average household.  These animals live safely in our homes and amongst our families.  Yet some animals, while beautiful and awesome, have been brought to urban living while still being wild in nature.  That’s why the Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary is in existence.

Stop by the Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary Display at the 22nd Annual America’s Family Pet Expo in Orange County, California and take a look at some of the amazing and exotic animals that were once abandoned, abused, neglected or illegally obtained but have now made their home at Forever Wild.   Not only will you have the opportunity to see these interesting creatures, but you will also learn their stories – where they were before Forever Wild, what they need to survive happily, and why they need to live in their specific habitat.

Whether an animal was left in a foreclosed home, rejected by the animal entertainment industry, confiscated from Fish & Game because of its dangerous nature, or unable to adapt to the domestic environment when taken home to be someone’s pet, these animals have been rescued and placed in the safe haven of Forever Wild. Now rehabilitated, you can see the personalities of these vivacious creatures come to the surface as they enjoy the stable, stress-free environment the Sanctuary provides.

stress-free environment the Sanctuary provides.

It is important for us as pet owners and animal lovers to learn about these animals and their needs so that we can preserve their existence in our world.  Be sure to visit the Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary Display April 15th -17th and take in the beauty and grandeur of these rescued animals while also learning the intricacies of their wild nature.  You will be amazed.