Have you ever wondered what your kid could do with a 10 gallon aquarium tank, filter, lighting, heater, thermometer, net and unlimited creativity?  Here’s your chance to find out!  The 22nd Annual America’s Family Pet Expo is providing you with the opportunity to engage your child through the Kid’s Aquarium Contest.

The Kid’s Aquarium Contest, open to children from ages 5 to16, is a fun, free contest for children to enjoy.  Each child will conceptualize an idea for an underwater world that reflects his or her personality or favorite hobby, and then implement that idea by inserting that world into an aquarium.  Each registrant will receive a ten gallon aquarium kits complete with a filter, lighting, heater, thermometer and net, compliments of America’s Family Pet Expo and its sponsors.

While this is a fun, creative experience for the kids, the benefits of this contest go beyond that.  The Kid’s Aquarium Contest is also a wonderful learning tool.  The contest has been specifically design to teach children about the environment, stimulate their minds, ignite their creativity and warm their hearts through the rewards of pet care.  In addition to the design element of the contest and with the assistance of America’s Family Pet Expo pet experts, the children will learn how to prepare their personalize habitat for their fish and how to care for the fish.

Taking care of a pet provides opportunities for learning, and America’s Family Pet Expo wants to give your child the option through the Kid’s Aquarium Contest.  For more information on the benefits of the contest, visit www.PetExpoOC.org.