Are you in search of a new animal companion?  America’s Family Pet Expo is making your pet adoption experience more efficient by providing a one stop shop for all your adoption needs.

Sponsored by the VCA Animal Hospitals, the Pet Adoptions area at America’s Family Pet Expo will provide you with a wide array of furry friends for you to meet.  These animals are ready and waiting to find the right person to make their forever family. With numerous sizes, breeds, and personalities to chose from, any animal lover will find a companion to suit their needs.

As you make your decision on a suitable companion, there are some things to consider.  What size of pet can you accommodate?  Will a larger pet have the room it needs in your home?  Do you have time and patience to train a young pet?  How will your pet fit into your lifestyle?  Do you want a pet that can hike or bike with you?  Do you want a pet that is good with kids?  There are many things to consider when finding the right pet for you.  That is why the adoption area will have educated volunteers on hand to help answer your questions and match your wants and needs with the proper pet personality so you can make an informed decision and go home with a companion you will enjoy for years to come.

Both America’s Family Pet Expo and VCA Animal Hospitals are committed to proper pet care so you can be assured that when you leave the Pet Adoption area, you will have the educational and medical resources you will need to have a happy, healthy experience with your new pet!